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Here God’s Power is Visible

Send your prayer request and our anointed and dedicated team will commit it in prayer and by faith in God you shall receive anything you desire in your life.


We have Church projects worldwide including free education, charity hospitals and clean water in poor and dry villages.
Your donations to help us preach the holistic gospel is highly appreciated.
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Church Foundation

Making a Decision




Baptism by fire?

Baptism by the Holy Ghost


Overcoming the mindset

Marriage and Love Repair

Dangers of Social Media Exposure


True Worship

Lifting of Hands

Hindrances of Worship

Zemirah live

Zemirah Live Gospel Tour [ZLGT]  is a Mission Outreach reaching the unreached regions of the world. We plant new churches in every place we have a crusade for the first time. Please join us on our next ZLGT.

Pillars of Zemirah

Pure gospel

We have come to realize that many people are on the books written by others describing some ideas of men and now don’t consider to buy or even read the Bible. Some have gone even further to remove some words of the Bible and put  their own ideas which suits them. Here we have been called to reset the Bible to its original.

non prosperity gospel

We are not looking for money and riches because these things are not an everlasting help but just temporary. Many preachers are wasting a bunch of time luring believers to give even their last breath so that God will bless them. This is not true because the Bible talks only about Tithes and offering. The seed mentioned in the Bible is a real seed not money, so this is meant for farmers. From your earnings you only need to give a tithe and offering. A tithe is a 10 percent of your total earnings and an offering has no measure, give just like you feel without anyone telling you how much and when.

Praises to god  not man

God is angry with some preachers today who lift themselves above God and even their followers reverend them too high and have forgotten the sovereignty of God. You will notice that people bow to such preachers. An act of bowing is a worship but people are brainwashed by such lost fellows when the Bible says that ”You should not bow or worship anything in heaven or on earth except the son of God, Jesus Christ”.