Photos – Are dogs kind more that human today?


This story really touched my heart. 

A stray dog was searching for food at a refuse dump and suddenly saw a new born baby dumped among dirt to die. The dog picked the baby in its mouth without hurting the baby and went to the main road where people passing by saw the dog and quickly came to the baby rescue. They washed the baby and thank God the baby was saved.

Dogs are sometimes kind than humans. This reminds me a story in the Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah, precisely, they were inhuman. As a christian do you see that we have a problem, and what do you think can be done? We might know the cause of it all;

1. Poverty,

2. Immorality,

3. Infidelity,

4. Sex before marriage,

5. Divorce  rate etc. 

By prayer and supporting charity organisations is the best we can do to give a helping hand, perhaps we could save many humans in the same situation even near you by providing them with free education, clean water, capitals for small business and family and youth training institutions.

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